Special Camps

Speed Agility and Quickness

Eager to boost your explosive power? Look no further than ProSoc Academy’s Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) Camp! Designed for ages U7-U17, this specialized program targets the enhancement of running speed, agility, power, and quickness specifically tailored for soccer players. Through a variety of dynamic activities, participants will refine their speed off the mark, speed while in possession of the ball, foot quickness, and ability to rapidly change direction. Ideal for those seeking to increase their speed, strength, and agility, this camp offers a physically demanding yet rewarding experience, aiming to refine both athleticism and technique for explosive movements.

The Shooting, Finishing and Goalkeeper Camp

Scoring a goal is the ultimate reward for a player’s effort. Precision, timing, and confidence are as crucial as power when taking a shot. It’s not just for forwards; any player can enhance their technique and accuracy. Our small group sessions cover various game scenarios, including long shots, 1v1 situations, and crossing. With repetitive practice and expert guidance, we’ll elevate your shooting skills quickly, ensuring you’re ready to make an impact on the field.

Tactical Camp

Comprehending soccer tactics is both demanding and vital for achieving success. Children need to comprehend individual, group, and team tactics. In our tactic camps, we address all three dimensions of tactics while also catering to special requests, providing customized instruction for your child, school, or club. These camps integrate classroom teachings with hands-on field drills. Tactics are first illustrated using soccer boards before players put them into practice on the field, with ongoing reinforcement. Our coaches, former professional players, bring invaluable insights, enriching the learning journey with their extensive on-field experience.

Technique Camp

This camp aims to master technique from basic to advanced levels, refining skills like scenario-specific techniques (1v1, 2v1, 2v2), various dribbling methods including tempo and combination dribbling with passing, and incorporating feints. Alongside technical training, the program emphasizes tactical understanding, soccer intelligence, and decision-making under pressure, applied through small-sided games. Trainers prioritize ball control and feel, developing weak foot skills to avoid being one-footed. They instill the importance of timing techniques and maintaining possession, guiding players through every aspect from ball control to game situations, ensuring improvement and readiness for the next level.


A playmaker is a key player in a sports team who leads the team’s strategy. They have excellent skills and a deep understanding of the game. A playmaker is versatile and can switch between defense and offense quickly to create openings and opportunities for their team. They have excellent ball control and distribution skills, which allows them to move the ball strategically around the field. A playmaker is always ready to step up when needed, whether it’s to score a goal or to defend against an opponent’s attack. In short, a playmaker is the backbone of a successful team, providing the necessary guidance and leadership to achieve victory.

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