Privat Training: Individual and Group Training


Individual soccer training is crucial to developing skill in young players. ProSoc has gained invaluable experience as professional soccer players. Due to these experiences and the high level of understanding of the soccer game, the training sessions are well rounded and exceptional. We understand what it takes to be an excellent soccer player.

With regular training and practice of a specific movement or technique, the player builds confidence and the motion becomes natural to him/her. Individual training can be developed through repetition, observation or visualization. In depth understanding of technical skills and different forms of tactics and complete understanding of the game make our training and the personal coaching invaluable. The training is well prepared  and it builds on skill level of the soccer player and therefore challenges the soccer player to reach their highest potential. The concept of the training skill is to provide challenges.

The parents will receive detailed feedback and information on their child’s progress, talent and on the areas still needing improvement. The main goal of the coaches is to teach and encourage the children to reach their full potential and therefore the level of expectation is high, commitment and dedication is desirable. ProSoc trainers will guide you all along while instilling love and passion for the game of soccer.


The players will be placed in a group according to their skill level and age. The group training will consist of maximum five players. Each player will receive feedback on their soccer skills and they will be handed the tools necessary to improve their technique and soccer skills.

The focus of the training will be on agility, passing, coordination, tactic, fakes, technique or athletic training . Dedication and commitment are expected from the players.

During the small group program, the trainer is able to use additional activities and players are able to apply the concepts learned in a game situation during small sided games.  A personal in-depth assessment will be provided at the end of the program.

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