Taught by Professional Soccer Coaches/ Not Volunteers!

Introduce your child to soccer and teamwork with indoor soccer outdoor soccer programs for boys and girls ages 3 to 17 . We start with the basics of the sport and grow a passion for an active lifestyle. Channel your child’s energy into a healthy interest in soccer while learning the importance of focus and self motivation.

We believe that introducing kids to the early learning principles of soccer along with increasing their physical and social development because soccer is about a great deal more than just developing a child’s control with the ball, it is about giving them a well-rounded start in their physical, social and educational development while developing the “whole child”.

MWR has partnered with ProSoc Academy’s professional coaches, to help develop your child and continue to grow soccer skills on and off-season.

Weekly Classes run from Sept-Dec, Jan-Mar and April – June.  Classes will focus on tackling footwork and maximizing your technical skills.

Weather you already play or are completely new to the game, our classes will help you improve your child and also build friendships and self-confidence in an encouraging team sport environment.

We are bringing to your child that next step to being a a better soccer player!

Taught by Professional Soccer Coaches/ Not Volunteers! That is the difference between SKIES versus Youth Sports and also the reason for the increase in price. The coaches training with the kids are Professional Soccer Coaches who have trained and played for years. Their training will be packed with soccer drills, soccer skills, soccer conditioning and fitness development. Youth will develop basic and fundamental soccer skills that all players need as well as tactic, formations and much more.

The goal is to assist youth soccer players to achieve their playing potential through proper skills, fitness and conditioning development. Focus is on having fun and learning about soccer.

To view classes offered in SKIES or to pre-register online please visit:

Call Parent Central Services Or call the FMWR One Stop Shop

Link: – You have to be registered with MWR before starting the program.

The training will be located in:

  • Landstuhl (GER)
  • Pulaski (GER)
  • Rhine-Ordnance Barracks (GER)
  • Baumholder (GER)
  • Grafenwöhr (GER)
  • Caserma Ederle Army Base in Vicenza (Italy)

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