Goalkeeper Training


Goalkeepers perform their best when they’re 100 percent prepared!

Our goalkeeper coaches have the PROVEN results that have many players coming back for more!  Our coaches’ mission is to provide players with the opportunity to learn and prepare for a higher level of goalkeeping and competitive soccer.  We will maximize the potential of individual players in a challenging, intense & fun atmosphere.  Whether you are a player just starting,  a seasoned player looking for an edge to raise her or his game to a higher level, or an experienced player looking to fine-tune their skills, our program is for you!

We cover the main techniques and skills of goalkeeping, specific warm ups, footwork, handling, diving, shot stopping and skills that are needed to become a great goalkeeper.

Parents can trust ProSoc Academy by bringing their child to our weekly classes, clinics and camps. No other goalkeeper coach even comes close to the results that we have for our goalkeepers.  Our mission is to continue to deliver quality GK training for our participants, with a training development plan designed to improve all aspects of a goalkeeper’s skill set.

ProSoc Academy will develop any young talent as far as they want to go!

Our training revolves around making our goalkeepers the first point of attack and last line of defense. ProSoc Academy goalkeeper training focuses on developing  agility, reflexes, and game-time reaction skills that build confidence.  We deliver technically and tactically sound drills to sharpen goalkeepers’ crucial decision-making in:

Goalkeepers Learn:

  • Match play situations
  • Leadership and confidence
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Poise and maturity
  • Keeping focus

Fundamentals of Goalkeeping:

  • Stance, footwork, ball handling
  • Angles and positioning
  • High balls & Breakaways
  • Hand / Eye Coordination
  • Reflexes & Flexibility
  • Shot-Stopping
  • Diving Techniques
  • Punting & Throwing
  • Footwork
  • Positioning

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