ProSoc Club Soccer (USYS TEAMS)

Q: Where are practices held?

A: Practices are held at several training complexes across Germany.  During the winter season, practices are held at an Indoor Soccer Complex and multiple Indoor gyms on local bases and around the community.


Sportplatz am Kiefernkopf, 67685 Schwedelbach

Herrenberger Straße 60, 71157 Hildrizhausen

Maaraue 21, 55246 Mainz-Kostheim

Kirchenstraße 30, 92655 Grafenwoehr

Via della Stanga, 36100 Vicenza

Q: How is ProSoc ACADEMY different than other clubs in the area?

Welcome to ProSoc ACADEMY!

We are the premier German-American immersion developmental academy, fostering youth soccer with the specialization in coaching American players.

Our soccer academy is truly innovative an unique opportunity offering its services to American citizens and soccer enthusiastic people living with their families throughout Europe. The heart of ProSoc ACADEMY is in Landstuhl/Ramstein – located in Germany. Do you want to play soccer and build new friendships? …play in a competitive, semi-competitive or developmental soccer club in KMC, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Grafenwöhr or Vicenza – ProSoc is the place to be to teach your children the proper soccer language

  • Partnership with US Soccer & US Youth Soccer
  • UEFA licensed, English speaking, Olympic Developmental coaches or former professional players
  • Professional training equipment
  • European and U.S. coaches
  • German and U.S. Soccer Federation training philosophy
  • Tryout for the Olympic Developmental Program in Europe
  • Attend international tournaments
  • Yearly program includes official indoor season
  • No games or training sessions on U.S. holidays and Olympic Development Camps
  • Experience in working with US-Community for over 12 years

Q: What are the qualifications of the ProSoc Coaching staff?

We have assembled some of the finest coaches on the ProSoc ACADEMY staff.
PSA coaches are former professional players, licensed or high qualified coaches (including UEFA National A, National B, National C, and Olympic Developmental Program (ODP) Coaches.

Q: Who do the ACADEMY teams play?

We play in the German and Italy Federation League against local teams, local tournaments and high-level international tournaments. Each player (U11 – U17) will receive the opportunity to tryout for the Olympic Developmental Team in Europe, to compete with the possible best American soccer players living in Europe.

Q: When does the season start and end?

The German soccer season is ten months long from August to June. During the season, academy teams play against local German teams in the DFB system. The DFB means that the teams could relegate or promote in between leagues.

The Italy soccer season is ten months long from August to June. During the season, academy teams play against local Italian teams in the F.I.G.C. system. The F.I.G.C. means that the teams could relegate or promote in between leagues.

Q: How often are practices and games?

Two training sessions during the week and one game on the weekend. Each team will participate in a Indoor season as well. Throughout the year our teams will play several local tournaments and some age groups will participate in International tournaments across Europe.

Q. How long does practice last?

Our U7 sessions last 60 minutes. All other age groups train 90 minutes.

Q: What is the expected attire for team practice?

Two practice t-shirts are provided, for your child to wear during practices. Other requirements are the proper attire for a soccer practice which are: cleats, or indoor shoes when inside, shin guards, socks and shorts or pants (athletic clothing, no jeans).

Q: What are the age groups offered?

  • we offer a Kindergarten program (CDC) on base for our little soccer stars
  • Club and Academy teams Bambini (2y-5y), U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17/Highschool and Adult Men’s, Old Men´s & Women’s teams.
  • Training session and camps on base are from ages 2-year-old and up.
    We are also working also with the CDC and several schools.

Age Guidelines:

U7 G-Jugend 2017/2018
U9 F-Jugend 2015/2016
U11 E-Jugend 2013/2014
U13 D-Jugend 2011/2012
U15 C-Jugend 2009/2010
U17 B-Jugend 2007/ 2008
U19 A-Jugend 2005/2006
Men’s Team Adult 2004 & older
Women’s Team Adult 2004 & older

Q. I missed the registration deadline, can I still register?

Yes, you can always register with us. The club program is 10 months and we are able to request your player card any time of the year. If you join us during the season you are going to pay pro-rated dues and fees based on the month you join. Please keep in mind that the process to receive the player card can take from 2-4 weeks.

Please contact

Q. What is the time commitment required in club soccer?

The commitment is very important to our club philosophy, especially in regards to your teammates and team. Coaches and players depend on your commitment to prepare training sessions, games and tournament.
We usually train 60-90min twice a week (Depends which age group), the games on the weekend are usually 2 hours. Your time commitment will be approximately 5-6 hours a week.

Q. Can my child be placed on a team with their friends or a particular coach?

It´s the Decision of the Director of coaching (DOC) and the coach. Our teams will be graded based on age and skill level.

Q. Can a child play in a younger age group (“play down”)?

No, they must stay within their age group. Exceptions can only be made to play up an age group. However, some state federations allow girls to play down. If you require more information please contact our Director of Coaching in your responsible district. 

Q. How do I sign up for tryouts or player placement?

Tryouts will take place starting on or around July-August: check the announcement section or event calendar for the latest dates and times. Once placements are complete, you will be notified by email with instructions and registering online.

Q. When I will I be notified of when practices begin?

At the beginning of the season, there will be a mandatory team meeting with at least one parent, where the coaches inform the players and parents the time and date of their training session.

Q. What about “rain outs” or cancellations?

Rain does not mean a practice or games will be canceled. Please dress accordingly. For games, PSA coaching staff must meet at the field to determine playing conditions before canceling. Players should report to the field by game time. Soccer can be safely played in a light to moderate rain. We will not play or practice while lightning is visible from the field location.

Practices may be canceled at the coach’s discretion. Make sure you have a clear understanding with your coach what the criteria and procedure will be for canceling a practice. Coaches may ask players to report to practice so that conditions can be evaluated before canceling.

Q. How many players are on a team?

  • U7: max. 12
  • U9: max. 12
  • U11: max. 12
  • U13: max. 15
  • U15: max. 18
  • U17: max. 18

Q. Do the GoalKeepers receive individual training?

Yes, the Goalkeepers have their own trainer and Goalkeeper training all season long.

Q. How does the girls program differ from the boys program?

The boys and girls are co-ed U7 & U9.

U11 and up co-ed or gender exclusive teams are possible.

Q. Can I wear a cast or earrings, religious medals, eyeglasses?

The FIFA Laws of the Game prohibit anything which is dangerous to a player or other players. Referees determine if an item can be worn without being dangerous.

Q. What size ball should my child use?

  • Bambini + U7: Size 3
  • U9 + U11: Size 4
  • U13 and up: Size 5

Q. How much travel is involved?

Our league, is comprised of clubs throughout the Bavaria, KMC, Stuttgart & Wiesbaden areas. Travel will be dependent on which teams from these clubs are in your division.  In some cases, travel will be minimal.  In others, you may have 1 or more travel games involving extensive travel.  Tournament travel varies by team.  In most cases, teams in the U10 and below ages typically attend tournaments within 20 miles with the possibility of 1 tournament at greater distance.  Older teams may choose to travel more extensively determined by competitive goals. Our top teams within the older age groups will travel as necessary to find the level of desired competition and showcase opportunities for next level play.

Q. How can i request a refund?

Your commitment to the Program and ProSoc is for one (1) soccer season or ten month, and the fee’s are NOT refundable. A refund will be only accepted when you PCS with proof of orders or a Doctor’s note. In case of an event cancellation due to force majeure and/or “Acts of God” an outstanding refund of the participation fee, ProSoc still has the right to a compensation claim for payments already received or payments still outstanding for the cancellation of the event. 

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