Technique Camp

The purpose is of this camp is to master the many different ways of technique from basic to advanced, improve and perfect in areas to ensure technically sound players, for example scenario specific techniques (1v1, 2v1, 2v2 – attacking & defending). Another focus will be the different ways of dribbling, like tempo dribbling, dribbling in combination with passsing, to incorporate fakes in to dribbling.

We also refine existing skills and teach new ones. In addition to technical training, the program focuses on tactical understanding of the game, soccer intelligence and decision making under pressure. We will apply the skills and concepts taught in small sided games and scrimmages. While it is basic, most soccer players have very poor basic ball control and feel for the ball.

Our trainers are committed to teaching them to make it ONE with them is critical. Every move and dribble relies on great ball control and feel. We will also help you to develop the weak foot and not just be a “one footed player” knowing when to use the right technique is critical,how to maintain possession and dribble while shielding the difference between controlled soccer dribbling and speed soccer dribbling. We will guide you thru every aspect from the soccer kick to the ball fight. We will teach you that shooting in traffic and why you can’t wait for the perfect shot.
ProSoc trainiers have what it takes and will “Take your game to the next step”.

WITHOUT fancy footwork that will never be used on the field by most players. We show you that the ball control is directly related to moves and ball movement. Our camps are designed for year round training.

The groups will be divided by age and by skill level of the children. The group size will be small in order to better train and teach the children the necessary skills. During the training time plenty of time will be spend explaining the different techniques. Each child will receive personal feedback on the areas they need to improve, including homework suggestions.

ProSoc can also offer a more detailed training concept if desired. The training environment is professional and condusive to learning, but the enjoyment of soccer for  the children is equally important.

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