Why Join Stuttgart District...

Stuttgart District Benefits…

  • UEFA licensed, English speaking, Olympic Developmental coaches or former professional players
  • Reach your full soccer potential
  • Get your German soccer player pass in just a few weeks
  • Possible tryout for the Olympic Developmental Program in Europe
  • Play soccer against the best competition in the German leagues
  • Play soccer with your American friends in the Stuttgart community
  • No games or training sessions on U.S. holidays and Olympic Development Camps

Stuttgart District Affiliations…

  • U.S. Youth Soccer Stuttgart e.V.- Provides us with facilities to practice and play games.

  • U.S. Youth Soccer – Participation in USYS provides our children the opportunity to try out for the Olympic Development Program (ODP).

  • DFB- The host-nation soccer league that offers our children the amazing opportunity to play in the league amongst German children.

  • ODP- Our national soccer development program gives opportunities to train/play regionally with the best American players in one’s age group.

  • ProSoc Academy- Provides professional, English speaking coaches for each of our teams, focusing on developing technically and tactically sound players.

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