General Questions

Q: What is ProSoc Academy?

A: ProSoc Academy is a soccer academy that provides soccer services to American children and young people living with their families in Germany. ProSoc ACADEMY has thousend’s of children and teenagers aged between 3 and 18 in its program each year. We also provide weekly training sessions and soccer camps throughout the year under the supervision of licensed coaches as well as former professionals. Our teams participate in the German gaming operation with the American youth teams playing against local teams. Our youth teams also travel around Europe and compete in tournaments during the season. Several times a year, the best American players in Europe are given the opportunity to take part in American Federation activities in the USA through our Olympic Development Program (ODP) and to be nominated for regional and national teams.

Q: Why ProSoc?

A: ProSoc offers your child an opportunity to learn from former professional or licensed German coaches and to play all over in Europe.  It’s a great opportunity for your children to get the experience of playing against different European players and teams. The unique part about the ProSoc coaching staff is the specialization in developing American players in Europe. Out network and cooperations with US Colleges, MLS Teams and Academies in the U.S. give children  living abroad the possibility to learn from two different philosophies in the world of soccer.

Q: What we offer?

A: ProSoc offers:

  • Soccer Camps (week long)
  • Special Soccer Camps (Shooting, Finishing and Goalkeeper, Speed & Agility, Technique and Tactic Camps – all ONE DAY)
  • Club Soccer (competitve Teams)
  • Academy training (recreational Teams)
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • Group & individual training
  • Travel Soccer (domestic and international trips)
  • ODP Training and Camps
  • Coaching Education (German & US Licenses)
Q: Where are practices held?

A: Practices are held at several training complexes accross Germany.  During the winter season, practices are held at the Indoor Soccer Complex and multiple Indoor gyms on local bases and around the community.


Sportplatz am Kiefernkopf, 67685 Schwedelbach

Herrenberger Straße 60, 71157 Hildrizhausen

Maaraue 21, 55246 Mainz-Kostheim 

Q: When does the season start and end?

A: Club starts –August- June

MWR – is a year round program September-June

Summer camps – June- August

Spring Camps – April

Q: How do I register?

A: With SKIES/MWR –  Kaiserslautern
To view classes offered in SKIES or to pre-register online please visit: https://webtrac.mwr.army.mil/webtrac103/wbwsc/kaiserslauterncyms.wsc/wbsplash.html?wbp=1  or call parent central service.

A: With SKIES/MWR – Baumholder
To view classes offered in SKIES or to pre-register online please visit:
or call parent central service.

A: CLUB & ACADEMY TEAMS: Requires an assessment. Teams are selected according to ability during placements.

A: ProSoc CAMP: Please sign up over our website.

A: ProSoc Group & Individual Training: Please sign up over our website.

If you have any issues please contact our ProSoc Staff (info@prosocacademy.com)

Q: What are the options for paying?

A: We are offering several programs, those require different fee structure. Choosing ProSoc online payment with LeageApps, our customers will be charged 1.95% to leagueApps and 2.9% plus the 30¢ per transaction of the amount you pay.  ProSoc offers payments plans and scholarships!

Q: Who are the coaches?

A:  PSA coaching professional, licensed or high qualified coaches (including UEFA National A, National B, and Olympic Developmental Program (ODP) Coaches. ProSoc is specialized in coaching american players and coaching education!

Q: Are there separate boys’ and girls’ teams?
A: Yes, there are separate boys’ and girls’ teams and  co-ed U7& U9 teams
Q: What are the age groups offered?

A: We offer for our Club and Academy Team U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, and Adult Men’s & Women’s teams.

A: Training session and camps on base will be from 3 year and up. We are working also with the CDC and several schools.

Q: What size ball should my child be using?
  • 3-7 Years Old (U4-U8): Size 3
  • 8-12 Years Old (U9-U12): Size 5 light ball
  • 13 & up (U13-U18): Size 5

Competitive Soccer Program

Q: How often do competitive teams travel?

A: Teams travel in the local area for weekly games as well as to one or two tournaments that could be held in different locations in Europe during the season.

Q: Are there tryouts or evaluations for the competitive program?

A: Yes, there are evaluations/tryouts for competitive teams held at the beginning of the season.  New players that arrive during the season will be able to participate in training, so they can be evaluated and placed on the proper teams.

Q: Can my child play up to an older age group?

A: Your child will be placed in their age group, but on occasion, some players will be asked to move up and play in a couple games with older age groups when needed.

Q: How much does the competitive program cost?

A: Refer to registration package. Costs are different each season, so prices might change.

Q: Where do my fees go?

A: The fees cover the season. Your registration includes: uniform, equipment, USYS membership, field rental, insurance, and admin fees. The training fees cover the cost of the coaching and training and are directly paid to ProSoc Academy. All payments to ProSoc require a VAT FORM.

USYS District’s Soccer and ProSoc Academy partner to provide our teams with licensed, professional or experienced coaching.

Q: Can my child pick their own number?

A: Yes, your child can pick their number if the number they want isn’t already taken by a registered player.

Q: What does my child wear for practice?

A: Two practice t-shirts are provided, one red and one black (KMC), one yellow and one black (Wiesbaden), one blue and one black (Stuttgart), for your child to wear during practices.  Other requirements are the proper attire for a soccer practice which are: cleats, or indoor shoes when inside, shin guards, socks and shorts or pants (athletic clothing, NO jeans).

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