Mission Statement

Mission Statement of ProSoc ACADEMY

The Mission statement shows the guidelines for ProSoc ACADEMY. These general principles regarding the goals and general conduct are guidelines for management and employees.

We are dedicated to the success of the participant and of ProSoc ACADEMY. We will improve the participant’s soccer skills. Our focus is on the technical and tactical skills as well as mental coaching and physical conditioning.

We offer knowledge and expertise in individual and group tactics as well as team tactics. The ProSoc ACADEMY philosophy is to promote enthusiasm and dedication and to improve soccer skills of the participants. We will benefit in social engagement of each participant during our training sessions and support teamwork between the different age groups.

Furthermore we will provide individual attention to a player’s future goals and will guide and plan future career goals. Our main focus is to be successful in all the areas mentioned above through knowledge and expertise, honesty, responsibility, commitment and dedication.


We are dedicated to provide high quality training by licensed trainers to improve the overall soccer skills and insights in soccer as well as social engagement. The goal is to integrate well rounded and talented soccer players in Colleges, competitive and international leagues. All our staff must be comfortable to speak English on and off the field.


Our most important focus is on the participants. Our soccer Academy is open to all soccer people regardless of age, race, religion, origin and nationality. We expect our employees and participants to adhere to this principle. Non-participants are welcome in our program and we offer a pleasant atmosphere and program. All expressed ideas, suggestions, concerns and complaints will be taken seriously.
We are an innovative and modern soccer academy in Germany and Italy. We also focus on the social aspect of being in this community and we understand our responsibility and role in this community. To our friends, beneficiaries and sponsors we will be fair partners. We stand for a constructive collaboration between several soccer programs in the US, like in New Jearsey, Texas, California and Florida – ProSoc ACADEMY as a promoter for sport in this area.


We offer the possibility for talented players in cooperation with our partners, “ProSoc Consulting & Management” to have try-outs in different professional soccer leagues around the world. We will also use our international relationship with “ProSoc College SHOWCASE” to help our participants to receive athletic scholarships for north American Universities. Team traveling is an important aspect in the life of a soccer player, competing against teams from different nations and playing competitive soccer in other environments are other aspects where we are happy to have a strong partner with “ProSoc TOURS” on our side. We will guide and support players, parents and their families with our international expertise and experience.


Due to our versatility and many possibilities, we envision cooperation with other organizations like schools, kindergartens (soccer in CDC’s) to promote participation in professional soccer. We want to take social political responsibility and do justice to the ProSoc ACADEMY philosophy and to professional soccer.

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