Tactical Camp

The understanding of tactics in a game is one of the hardest aspects of soccer and at the same time one of the most important one. The children need to gain understanding in the different tactics, like individual, group and team.
In our tactic camps we offer all three aspects of tactics, but we are also able to accomodate special requests, and offer separate parts of tactics if needed for your child, school or club.

The tactic camps are a combination classroom instruction and field practice.

The tactics concepts will be explained on soccer boards first before the players practice these concepts on the field. This process will be repeated constantly. When it is apparent the a concept is not completely understood by the player, it will be explained again on the board. Game situations will be analyzed and the different tactics related to the different player positions will be explained.

Due to the fact that the coaches are former professional soccer players they are able to add an extra understanding to the tactics concept. Their extensive experience on the professional soccer field is invaluable and they will share their professional insight with the players.

The groups will be divided by age and by skill level of the players. The group size will be small in order to better train and teach the players the necessary skills. During the training time plenty of time will be spend explaining the different techniques.

Each child will receive personal feedback on the areas they need to improve, including homework suggestions.
ProSoc can also offer a more detailed training concept if desired. The training environment is professional and condusive to learning, but the enjoyment of soccer for  the children is equally important.

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