The Shooting, Finishing and Goalkeeper Camp

The The Shooting, Finishing and Goalkeeper Camp is a unique program that focuses on one of the most exciting aspects of the game. It is important that a player is able to score a goal after all their hard work of getting to an opponents goal.
The fact is that shooting is not just about power you also need good precision and be able to decide when to take a well placed shot. Scoring is not just for forwards; it is for any player that wants to improve on Proper ball striking technique, increase power, accuracy and, finishing on goal. The art of executing a shot requires a good deal of confidence. To gain confidence requires the knowledge of repetitive shooting techniques.
We offer small group sessions to challenge players shooting methods. Each player will face different game scenarios long distance shooting, combination play, 1v1’s, turning and shooting in the box, crossing and finishing, chipping and Lobbing, Volleys, Attacking heading, playing with your back to goal, and striker movement among many. We will improve your shooting/finishing ability in no time.

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