GOAL-1- Have Fun with Soccer:

Football inspires, football moves! The joy of playing football offers many opportunities!

  1. As many boys and girls as possible should be enthusiastic about playing football in schools and clubs!They need to be motivated through attractive, innovative concepts which will help them for long term future development! Through varied, playful movement and age-appropriate football games, promote and challenge the physical, mental, emotional and social characteristics of each individual!
  2. Various exercises in soccer promote a lifelong, individual health for each athlete
GOAL -2- Individual Player development:

Individual players with good play and personality are the key to team success!

  1. Success in top football is based on a perfect mix of a homogeneous team and outstanding player personalities.These “positive individualists” are to be encouraged at all levels!
  2. “Individual training before short-term team success!”In the future, this life model must dominate all training levels in children’s and youth football even more strongly!
  • From elite football to our national teams, all individual performance reserves must be exhausted in a highly professional environment with a competent team of functional and expert staff!
GOAL-3- Positioning players to Elite Programs (e.g. ODP, MLS or College)

ProSoc is well known and wants to maintain this position in the future!

  1. Those who want to be the best have to face an even harder, more intense international competitive. This challenge is to be met with passion, vision and innovation!
  2. The most competent team around the team, the best infrastructure, the latest technology and science should ensure the best possible sporting quality of our players and teams in the long term!
  • General benefits of playing soccer teaches you hard work, dedication and discipline with the constant and unique know-how and close teamwork of all trainers and experts!This knowledge must be constantly expanded, bundled and networked!

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