ProSoc ESPORTS is committed to providing premier services as an Esports organization to our players, clients, and partners. Professional, innovative, and ambitious, ProSoc and all its divisions; including ACADEMY, TOURS, and SHOWCASE, will keep our word on these values. We will pledge to our fans to have the best experience possible fielding only top quality teams and services in the Esports scene.

The world’s FIRST Esports showcase gives you the opportunity to forge your own future in gaming through education. We provide you the chance to earn a college scholarship to live your dream as a collegiate e-athlete.

The goal of our TOURS division is to provide you with exclusive trips to major Esport events. Customized to your wishes and preferences, we design just the right tour for you, to have the best experience possible, while enjoying high level gaming. From arrival to tickets, hotel or food, we have just the right thing for you. Bring yourself or your team to enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

Whether you are a professional player or an Esports enthusiast, we will provide you and your team with the perfect environment to improve your game. Team activities, Coaches and of course gaming will get you to the top. Practice a new meta in foreign regions or get exclusive strategies from top level coaches. We organize your boot camp to maximize your training experience.

With our ProSoc ESPORTS: Youth Camps, we present you the opportunity to play your favorite games while making new friends with the same interests. From the casual gamer to the aspiring Esports professional player, our youth programs will offer many different services such as fun tournaments aswell as active professional Gamer as coaches and skilled caretakers for other games. Experience the games on our high end gaming PCs. Enjoy your free time at a high level sports facility, where we give you insight to the lifestyle of an e-athlete. Besides our Competetive titles we will also play multiple games, like Fortnite, Minecraft or Fifa in between.

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