USYS Wiesbaden Frequently Asked Questions

Who is USYS Wiesbaden?

We are a private non-profit organization registered with Garrison Wiesbaden. We provide developmental and competitive soccer for U.S. citizens and U.S citizenship-eligible youth soccer players under the age of 19 in the Wiesbaden Military Community and surrounding areas. 

Who is ProSoc Academy?

ProSoc Academy, a key partner of USYS Wiesbaden, is the premier German-American immersion developmental academy, fostering youth soccer with the specialization in coaching American players.

Who can play?

Boys and girls, ages 5-17 years old split up into the following age groups: U7 (Under 7), U9, U11, U13, U15, and U17

How competitive is USYS Wiesbaden?

For athletes age 5-8 years-old, soccer is developmental, with the focus on individual skills and abilities. For athletes 9 years and older, soccer is more competitive. All teams play against travel-level competition in German leagues. 

What’s the time commitment?

We play a ten-month schedule from August to June. We usually train 60-90 minutes twice per week depending on age group. Games are typically on the weekend, lasting usually 2 hours. Your time commitment will be approximately 5-6 hours per week. 

How much does the program cost?

Fees vary depending on payment option chosen, and averages less than 7€ per training session. Contact us at for a detailed fee schedule.

How do you get started?

Check out the ‘Get Started’ section of this pamphlet for next steps. For more details, contact us at

How else can I get involved or volunteer?

USYS Wiesbaden is a volunteer organization and we are always looking for parents to get involved – join the board of directors, sponsor us, help us fundraise, or use some other talent to help us grow!

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