German and American Virtues

German virtues 2.0:

Character traits and characteristics such as optimism, determination, team awareness, willpower or initiative are equally important for personal strength and future as a person and for success as a footballer! Thus, a catalog of indispensable personality traits is the basis of all sporting strategies and concepts, from the game to the education and training vision. For this reason, these personality qualities are also outstanding goals and focal points of a holistic orientation of the entire educational system in football.

The “German Virtues 2.0” outline this work-promoting personality profile and offer an initial orientation for all policy-promoting processes related to football.


Discipline: Follow our principles consistently!
Courage: Act confidently!
Determination: Determined to pursue our goals!
Readiness: Show responsibility and willingness for top performance!
Resilience: Never give up!
Team spirit: Solve tasks together with individual quality!
Respect: Appreciative, down-to-earth, humble!
Optimism: Seeing measuring with the best as a challenge!
Communication: Understand and be understood!
Passion: Live dedication, enthusiasm, joy of playing!
Identification: Be enthusiastic about the current task and give everything!

American virtues 2.0:

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