The game vision summarizes clear, vivid action patterns for all phases of the game, which make an attractive, future-oriented and above all successful football. The highest level of orientation and thus the core of the sporting future strategy is a game concept that combines the original qualities and strategies of German football with verifiable principles and patterns of success in international football. A few striking and concise guidelines describe what the game of football is fundamentally about. Consistently implemented with our strengths, the guidelines show us future-oriented way to an exciting and ultimately successful football!

The game vision is used to derive (age- and performance-related) requirements and quality features for all areas of German football – from our teenagers to children’s football. Especially the appearance of our ODP Europe teams has a resounding role model function! The aim is to inspire every one of our coaches for this approach to the game! At the same time, this has a positive influence on his education and training work, because every coach shapes and promotes players and teams who can play the philosophy.

Team development: 10 points to remeber

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All players attack and all players defend:

All players must be involved in the game as a unit.

Numerical advantage:

Soccer is a game of numbers where we try to create a numerical advantage in attack and avoid being in a numerical disadvantage in defense.

Flow of the ball:

 The ball should flow from inside (of the space) to outside and outside to inside. Balls out wide are more secure and the ball in the middle increase the options of play.

Triangle principle and passing options:

The player in possession of the ball must receive constant support and have at least two passing options.

Speed of play:

Quick movement of the ball creates 2v1 situations.

Movement off the ball:

Find the best available space to create passing options for the player in possession of the ball.

Pressure as a unit:

Organized pressure forces the opponents to commit errors.


Improve transition by reducing the number of passes needed to arrive at the target area or the opponent’s goal.

Direction of the game:

The game flows in two directions. Keep the essence of the game in the majority of your practices.

Take initiative during the game:

Team breakdowns will occur. The team must be capable of adapting to new situations and imposing its own style of play during the game.

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