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The game vision shows the concrete game image of an attractive and successful football of today and tomorrow. In this way, the players can set off in a goal-oriented manner, accompanied by trainers and specialists! The objective for promoting young players is a future-oriented, attractive and successful game. The mission statement outlines the requirement for a player range from recreational to competitive. However, it is a long and challenging way to start as a beginner and become a world champion. Our education plan for players with various training levels provide our coaches a clear direction and guideline!

The key to training the players up to top performance at an international level is ultimately the quality of the trainers and specialists (e.g. technical, goalkeeper, athletic trainers). That is why the best possible training process for players cannot be separated of the coaching and specialist staff.

10 Tips For All Players To Remember

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1, 2, 3 touches maximum:

Minimizing the number of touches improves the speed of play

Keep the game simple:

Do not force situation, over-dribble or be careless with the ball.

Keep the ball on the ground:

A ball on the ground is easier to control and can be moved more efficiently by the team.

Accuracy and quality of the pass:

Passing must be firm and accurate, with the proper weight.

First touch:

Make a clean, controlled first touch without stopping the ball. Take the touch away from pressure and into free space.

Perception and awareness

All players with or without the ball should constantly scan the field.

1v1 situations

Encourage determination to regain control of the ball in defense and keep it simple in attack by taking a touch to the side, at speed, to beat the defender.

Individual transition:

Players must react quickly when possession change from offense to defense and vice-versa.


Always keep an eye on the goal. All players are encouraged to shoot.

Take risks:

Soccer is an error prone sport and mistakes are part of the game and learning process. Players are encouraged to take risks in training session to increase the speed of play.

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